About Us

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We have over 20 years of experience working with greenhouses. Behind us are hundreds of hectares under greenhouses. We work with all known greenhouse systems.

We have the knowledge, the experience
and all necessary equipment

The company is headquartered in Krusevac (Serbia), but our teams work worldwide. We carry out construction and assembly work in the field of raising greenhouses and glasshouses, as well as the complete equipping of these facilities (heating, cooling, lighting, irrigation, ventilation, shading ...).

There is a very long list of our references. We have worked in many countries, for many clients. We made greenhouses and glasshouses for a variety of purposes: fruits, vegetables,... Our experience also allows us to supervise projects implemented by others. For over 20 years we have been working on a turnkey basis, to the satisfaction of all our clients. In the first place, we provide them with complete preparation for the start of the greenhouse, glasshouse and / or production in a protected space.

It is quite clear that greenhouses or glasshouses are the present and future of high-quality and highly productive production in vegetable, fruit-growing and floriculture.

Farming with full protection against the negative mechanical effects of atmospheric factors, early or continuous, off-season agricultural production under fully controlled conditions under the foil presents a new type of challenge. We're here to help!


Because we work quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary cost.

Because we have decades of experience in this field.

Because our team is made up of top professionals dedicated to their work.

Because we are by far the best team you can find.


Construction of professional greenhouses and glasshouses.

Installation of complete accessories for greenhouses and glasshouses.

Supervision of works performed by others, according to existing standards.

Consultancy in the field of greenhouses and glasshouses for agricultural production.